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This premium service has 3 main advantages over other types of services. It is more effective because it treats insects directly at their source, which is on the perimeter of the home or building. By applying the pesticides on the outside rather than the inside during our quarterly or bi-monthly visits, we have put safety as a top priority. Lastly, this premium service is more convenient. There is no more waiting around every month for inside appointments.

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No matter what your issue, you can rely on Pestwise to figure out the most effective, efficient, and unobtrusive solution. Our mission is your satisfaction. If you ever find yourself struggling with one of the following pest problems, Pestwise is the service to call!




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Proudly Serving the West Florida area

Pestwise has been offering full-service pest control solutions to residents of the Greater Tampa bay area. Our main location is in Clearwater FL, enabling us to serve any residential customers in the Clearwater area. If you live in West Florida and you need pest control solutions, Pestwise is the service to call.


Pest Control

The trend in residential pest control has moved away from monthly service and toward service on a less frequent basis. The reasons for this include refined, longer lasting products and a more integrated approach to pest management. Pest control professionals, such as Pestwise, have implemented a...Continue Reading »

This can vary from company to company. Pestwise signature service, Protect-A-Guard, controls all the most commonly encountered crawling pests including: the wide variety of ants found in West Florida, cockroaches, spiders, and occasional invaders like silverfish and pill bugs. Because certain pests,...Continue Reading »

Most people notice very little to no odor at all with the vast majority of our products. This has been the case for quite a few years as chemicals have been refined and improved. Pestwise Protect-A-Guard service for the home also greatly reduces the amount of products used inside the home since it...Continue Reading »

Pests of any kind are concerning but we know that roaches, in particular, are especially distressing. Many companies advertise roach sprays, baits, and traps that can work for a while but, they don’t address keeping roaches out, which can be tricky when you consider that roaches often hitchhike...Continue Reading »

Pests like kitchens for some of the very same reasons humans do. Food, for starters, can feed hungry pests when the weather turns cool and natural food sources dry up. Water-prone areas provide a tiny amount of water essential for pests to keep living in your home. Make your kitchen uninteresting...Continue Reading »

Tiny black bugs in your kitchen could be any number of pests that frequent West Florida homes. Ants Ants, especially in warmer months, can be seen trailing in lines, while foraging for food. Sporting six legs and elbow-shaped segmented antennae, ants appear: Typically black, brown, or...Continue Reading »

Pests enter homes in various ways but the most common way pests enter your home is through small cracks, holes, or crevices in your foundation, as well as around doorways and windows. Window and door screens with holes or tears in them can also allow insects to enter your home. Rats can squeeze...Continue Reading »

In the big picture, several factors can cause pest infestations, including: Weather events and changing weather conditions Seasonal changes Loss of habitat Food and water shortages in the wild Tropical storms and hurricanes can dislodge pests from their habitats. Some pests, such as...Continue Reading »

The humid and warm tropical climate in Florida makes for ideal conditions for many species of insects and bugs to reproduce and thrive. Florida’s year-round warm temperatures allow some bugs to remain active all year. The most common bugs in Florida include: Mosquitoes With about 3,500...Continue Reading »

Lawn pests are a tremendous concern when dealing with grass in Florida. Beautiful, healthy, green lawns result from proper watering, mowing, and fertilizing. Often, homeowners don’t know the best ways to care for lawns and cause stress conditions that invite pests and fungus conditions to...Continue Reading »

Most bugs are more active in the warmer months of the year. When the temperatures are below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, insects really are not able to move. At 45 degrees, they start to move slowly. Insects don’t become fully functional until temperatures reach 70 degrees. This means in most of...Continue Reading »

Fruit flies can be very annoying and they seem to come out of nowhere to infest your kitchen and other areas in your West Florida home or business. Attracted to the smell of fermenting fruit and vegetables, fruit flies are drawn to high-fructose substances. Overripe and rotting fruits and...Continue Reading »

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