Attic Restoration

Restoring Back To Greatness

Attic remediation services address problems in the attic caused by pest infestations. Pests in your attic can cause health issues for your family, as well as property damage. The trapping and removal of pests is only one part of attic remediation.


Repairing or adding insulation, cleaning up animal excrement, and repairing damage are imperative. Our Pestwise  technicians are experts when it comes to attic remediation services. We’ve developed effective processes for eliminating and preventing problems that remain after the pests are gone.

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Cleaning Up & sanitation

Clean-up services are ideal for targeting problem areas, as well as full attic remediation. The excrement left behind from the wildlife or rodents living in your attic can cause serious health problems for your family. Wildlife carries diseases and parasites that are health hazards.


We will vacuum any droppings and nesting materials, remove all contaminated insulation and debris, and treat the area with formulated sanitizer to kill bacteria.

Odor Control

If rodents die in your attic, the odor of decaying animals can spread through your home. Their urine and feces can leave behind an intense smell.


Our trained professionals at Pestwise are no strangers to the odor that these rodents leave behind. After completing a full investigation of the disaster, our technicians will remove the source of the odor and will develop a plan of action to get rid of the smell.

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