Why do bugs disappear in the winter?

Bugs seem to disappear in the winter because when temperatures drop below 44 degrees Fahrenheit, most bugs become inactive. A rare few, such as Monarch butterflies do disappear, migrating to warmer climates but most bugs either hibernate or go into various dormant states, or diapause. Ants go into hibernation, spending the winter in inactive sleep states, under the soil. Other bugs, such as honeybees, spend the winter in hollow stumps and other holes converting stored honey into body heat that keeps the hive warm. Some bugs die off in the winter, including all members of wasp, hornet, and yellowjacket colonies, except fertilized queens. Male mosquitoes die off in the winter, but female mosquitoes replace the blood meals they need to nourish their eggs with fat-building meals that keep them warm in the winter. Some bugs disappear into sheltered places to spend the winter in diapause, like a semi-hibernation. Instead of hibernating, these bugs, in all stages of their development go into a dormant state, somewhere out of the cold, and spend the winter regulating their body temperatures by turning the water in their bodies into glycerol that works as anti-freeze to help bugs survive the winter. Bugs disappear in the winter because the chilly weather makes them inactive. However, in West Florida, bugs can remain active, as warmer temperatures allow them to function year-round.

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