When should I fertilize my lawn in Florida?

Understanding when to fertilize a lawn is critical to the proper growth of any lawn. In West Florida, you can fertilize your lawn throughout the year, as moderate temperatures allow your grass to continue to grow all year. In North and West Florida, during growing seasons is the best time to fertilize your lawn – that is spring, summer, and fall. Most lawns in North and West Florida go dormant during the winter and should not be

Some grass cultivars turn yellow in the summer, such as St. Augustine, Bahia, and centipede. The cause of this is a lack of nitrogen and not the Florida heat. However, applying nitrogen to your lawn in the summer is not recommended. Instead, try applying iron sulfate or chelated iron to your lawn for a deep green color that won’t stimulate growth. These applications are a temporary solution and need to be reapplied throughout the summer.

If you have concerns about your lawn’s health in West Florida – from Palm Beach Gardens to Weston or Pembroke Pines, Pestwise invites you to schedule an appointment to review our lawn maintenance programs. Our experienced team will make a site visit for an inspection of your lawn, shrubs, and trees and take samples to determine the best course of action for your West Florida lawn. We look forward to bringing your lawn back to life and keeping it healthy for your family to enjoy.

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