What is bad about spiders?

Because spiders are associated with Halloween and witches, they are perceived as evil and dangerous. Hollywood horror films also use spider webs to make tombs, caves, catacombs, cemeteries, haunted houses and other dark places look as sinister, menacing, and as scary as possible. However, as it turns out, the two dangerous spiders in North America, widow spiders and brown recluses do prefer dark to set up camp in still spaces, such as your basement, storage shed, crawlspace, wood piles, and other structures and spaces that aren’t in use daily.

These spiders only attack people when disturbed or threatened, such as someone accidentally running into their webs due to poor lighting and improper preparation for entering dark, still places, in general. Also, humans are evidently hard-wired to fear spiders, as we often respond to things that aren’t like us as threats and spiders, with their creepy-crawly eight-legged appearances tend to trigger a fear response, followed by a fight or flight response, as survival mechanisms.

Of course, while walking through the woods and encountering a spider web can be frightening, it’s usually just annoying and not dangerous. Also, cobwebs can make your home appear untidy, especially if not cleared regularly but on the whole, spiders are beneficial to our environment – they prey on other insects that might infest your home and garden, otherwise. If there were no spiders, the Earth would be covered in a layer of insects. If you are seeing more spiders in your home than you have in the past, you might have pest activity in your home that could potentially develop into an infestation. Contact a professional pest control company, such as Pestwise from Palm Beach to Pinellas County, to conduct a free pest inspection! In ancient times, as well as in many cultures today, spiders are thought of as good luck omens and are associated with creation and an industrious nature.

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