Should I get a termite inspection?

In West Florida, the question is not if you should get a termite inspection but rather when? Knowing that termites pose threats to your home and/or business that can prove expensive and destructive, you should get a termite inspection once a year and before your purchase a property as well. Professional pest control companies, such as Pestwise, offer free termite inspections and the most current technology and materials to eliminate and prevent termites, depending on the type of termite present.

If you notice signs of termite activity, it’s important to contact a reliable pest control service immediately. Monitor your property for the following signs:

  • Small piles of sawdust-looking material called “frass” (termite droppings)
  • Warped or buckling walls, floors or doors that appear water damaged
  • Surfaces that sound hollow when tapped
  • Surfaces you can easily poke a hole through with a screwdriver
  • Discarded wings on windowsills
  • Indoor swarming
  • Mud tubes running up outside walls or nearby trees

Contact Pestwise to schedule a free termite inspection and address the issue before it gets worse.

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