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    As part of Pestwise LLCs’ free inspection, our trained technicians will perform a detailed investigation of your property. To complete a thorough inspection, we will need access to your entire property including your home’s attic or crawlspace. Our team will look for current pest or termite problems as well as keep an eye out for conditions and circumstances that may lead to a future pest issue in your home.

    During the inspection, our technicians will take thorough notes and create a drawing of your property to be able to determine the best course of action to eliminate any existing pest issues as well as customize a plan for ongoing pest prevention. Findings and a recommended plan of action will be shared with you after our inspection and moving froward, notations will be made after every service visit to make sure all of your home’s pest issues are being effectively addressed.

    At Pestwise LLC, we value all of our customers and understand pest issues in your home are often seen as an emergency. Pest control issues are time-sensitive and need to be addressed quickly. Whether you are a current Pestwise customer or simply considering Pestwise services, rest assured that your home will be treated as if it were our own.

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