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As the threat of Zika appears to not be subsiding, Pestwise now offers Mosquito Reduction Services for homeowner’s and businesses that not only want to make their backyards more useable and enjoyable but also want to minimize their risk, however rare, of contracting these potential mosquito-transmitted viruses. Pestwise’s Mosquito Reduction Service includes many of the steps recommended by the UF IFAS Extension including:

  1. Inspection
  2. Resident Cooperation
  3. Larviciding
  4. Adulticiding with Residual Misting Sprays
  5. Monitoring

The frequency and duration of Pestwise Mosquito Reduction Service may be dependent on such factors as the needs of the customer, the extent of the activity, and the time of year.


Mosquito Control FAQS

Not all mosquitoes are attracted to the same things but generally, human skin contains over 400 chemical compounds that could play a role in attracting mosquitoes. Some compounds may also repel mosquitoes. It really depends on the person and their particular combination of skin bacteria, the food...Continue Reading »

In areas of the country that experience an actual winter season with temperatures below 50° F, mosquitoes will slow down when the temperature drops as they are cold-blooded and don’t possess the ability to regulate their internal temperatures. In regions that experience below freezing...Continue Reading »

To get rid of mosquitoes in your yard, as a homeowner, you can eliminate areas of stagnant water around your property because mosquitoes tend to use these areas of collected water to lay eggs. This includes storing extra gardening containers in a shed or storage area where they won’t collect...Continue Reading »

Conventional pesticides used to control mosquitoes include: Malathion – Often used to treat crops against a wide array of insects, Malathion is sprayed directly onto vegetation, particularly bushes where mosquitoes like to rest. It has also been used in a 5% solution to fog yards. Small...Continue Reading »

Florida’s tropical climate with year-round moderate to warm temperatures and plenty of humidity, mosquitoes can be active in Florida every month of the year. However, like in other regions of the US, mosquitoes are most active in the summer months from June through August. With temperatures...Continue Reading »

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