Is fumigation dangerous for humans?

Tent fumigation for termites poses major health risks and can even lead to death in humans and animals if people or pets are exposed to the fumigant pesticides before, during, or after the tenting process begins. Due to these risks and risks to the environment, professional pest control companies meticulously inspect properties scheduled for tent fumigation, taking extensive precautions to prevent exposure to humans and pets. At Pestwise, our experienced team has a checklist they review each time a home is tented for termites. This list includes many safety precautions, including a walkthrough to ensure the structure has been vacated by all people and animals.

Humans and pets are required to move out of the structure for a few days to allow the chemicals to dissipate after the fumigation process. Certified technicians measure the percentage of chemicals present in structures for at least 24 hours before removing the tenting to ensure the effectiveness of the tent fumigation. After the tent is removed, the home is aired out for at least another 24 hours before anyone is allowed to enter. Technicians measure the level of chemicals present in the home before declaring it a safe structure to enter.

When preparing for tent fumigation, branches should be trimmed away from structures, and antennas and other devices must be disconnected. Tarps are then placed around the structure and sealed with “sand-snakes” to prevent leakage. All of these measures help to contain the chemicals that are used as part of the fumigation process.

If you have questions regarding the safety of using tent fumigation, please do not hesitate to contact Pestwise. Our team is available to answer all of your questions.

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