How do I maintain my lawn in Florida?

Maintaining your Florida lawn requires precise watering, mowing, and fertilizing practices.

Watering a Florida lawn

In West Florida, over-watering a lawn is the most common way to cause a lawn to develop stress conditions – these will weaken your lawn, allowing lawn insects, disease, and fungus conditions to occur. Instead of over-watering, it’s best to let the lawn tell you when it’s thirsty. Signs of a thirsty lawn include:


  • Leaf blades that are folded over
  • Grass that appears blue-gray
  • Lawns that don’t spring back when stepped on, leaving visible footprints in the grass


Watering less frequently for longer periods is recommended to encourage deep root growth. Watering too often will result in grass with a shallow root system. Encouraging your grass to reach deeper for water on its own will help your grass develop a stronger root system that will help your lawn survive drought conditions and high traffic. Most Florida lawns require ½ inch of water per session. Be careful not to saturate your lawn and cause the fertilizer that should nourish your lawn to run off, possibly contaminating groundwater

Mowing a Florida lawn

When mowing your lawn, never cut more than ⅓ of the blade’s length. Cutting your grass too short, also known as scalping, can cause stress conditions, making the lawn vulnerable to pests and disease.

Fertilizing a Florida lawn

You always want to fertilize your lawn when it’s in the growing season. In West Florida, you can pretty much fertilize your lawn at any time of the year but in North and West Florida, you should fertilize in spring, summer, or fall.

If all of this is too much for you to manage on your own, Pestwise offers ongoing lawn maintenance programs in Clearwater and Palm Beach Counties you should consider. Contact us today to schedule a site visit to discuss the best plan for your lawn.

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