How can I control pests in my home?

Preventing pests in your home is a lot easier than trying to control pest infestations. If you are currently experiencing pests in your home, you should contact a professional pest control company to eliminate your infestation as you will likely spend more money and better results from using pest products you can purchase commercially.

Professional pest control companies, such as Pestwise employ technicians that are trained and licensed to use the most current technology and materials in conjunction with methods that aren’t available commercially to identify and eliminate your Palm Beach County and Pinellas County home’s pest infestations. After eliminating pests in your home, Pestwise will treat the perimeter of your property with baiting technology that prevents pests from entering your home.

Additionally, we recommend the following steps to prevent pests in your home:
· Seal and caulk tiny holes and cracks in your foundation

· Repair or replace window and door screens

· Replace damaged vent screens

· Keep your grass cut short and branches trimmed away from your house

· Keep your yard clutter-free

· Eliminate sources of standing water and store kids’ toys and gardening equipment inside a storage space

· Clean every food prep and dining surface after each meal

· Sweep or vacuum floors in food areas each time you dine or snack

· Clean all dishes immediately after you dine and dispose of all food scraps in trash containers with close-fitting lids

· Store dry goods and any open food containers in metal, glass, or hard plastic containers

· Repair leaky faucets and correct moisture-prone areas

If your home’s pest infestation needs professional attention, contact Pestwise today.

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