How are drywood termites treated?

A thorough inspection of termite infested areas in your home or business is required so our knowledgeable technicians can determine the best way to approach your drywood termite infestation. Each case needs to be evaluated independently as there are many factors to consider. Professional pest control companies, such as Pestwise, use the Termatrac device, the latest termite detection technology to scan for drywood termite activity. Infrared and acoustical devices may also be employed to detect hidden termite activity by picking up foraging and chewing sounds emitted by drywood termites. Armed with this knowledge, our inspection team can make appropriate recommendations.

For many drywood termite infestations, no tent solutions involve applying direct baiting and repellent treatments to infested wood where drywood termites live. With our no tent solutions, termite-infested wood is directly injected with our product and the best part is you will not have to pack up and leave your home. However, in the case of multiple drywood termite infestations and/or termite activity that technicians can’t access for direct treatment applications, tent fumigation may be required to eliminate drywood termite infestations. Tenting for drywood termites involves an extensive inspection to determine how to tent structures for the most effective fumigation procedure. Tenting also involves extensive preparation of the home or business before tent fumigation can begin. This preparation includes packing up food and medications, removing houseplants, as well as leaving the home or business for a few days. Tent fumigation is considered the best way to eliminate complex drywood infestations.

If you suspect you have a drywood termite infestation in your West Florida home or business, contact us to discuss treatment options and schedule an inspection.

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