At what temperature do mosquitoes die?

In areas of the country that experience an actual winter season with temperatures below 50° F, mosquitoes will slow down when the temperature drops as they are cold-blooded and don’t possess the ability to regulate their internal temperatures. In regions that experience below freezing temps, mosquitoes tend to eventually die, hibernate or migrate to warmer climes. In West Florida, where temperatures rarely drop below 50° F, mosquitoes present a year-round problem. Even when temperatures do drop below 50° F, they don’t usually last long enough to kill off mosquitoes in Clearwater and Palm Beach Counties. Some mosquito species have adapted to live in cooler climates and some can even survive arctic climates. In Florida, however, while below 50° F will slow mosquitoes down, their eggs can survive much cooler temps. Mosquito eggs are capable of waiting out the cooler temperatures until weather conditions are ideal for them to hatch and the cycle continues. Adult female mosquitoes simply leave their eggs to wait out the return of warmer temperatures, which in West Florida does not take long.

Eliminating items that collect water around your property will help prevent mosquitoes as well as trimming dense brush back and reducing shady areas where mosquitoes hide in the day time. Professional pest control companies, such as Pestwise, can stop this vicious cycle with mosquito reduction programs that include the innovative In2Care Mosquito Trapping System and by applying larvicide that prevents mosquitoes from reaching adulthood and adulticides that reduce the number of mosquitoes in a prescribed area. Contact Pestwise in Pinellas County to address your mosquito concerns and keep your family safe in and around your home.

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