Looking For an Effective Termite or Bed Bug Treatment?

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If you’ve found termites in your walls or bed bugs in your mattresses, don’t resort to DIY pest treatments. Instead, turn to an exterminator in Parrish and Tampa, FL for bed bug and termite control. For three years, Pestwise, LLC has been providing effective pest control services to local home and small business owners. Our specialists have more than a decade of pest management experience.

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We use all kinds of pest control methods

We use all kinds of pest control methods

Bed bugs and termites thrive in the Parrish and Tampa, Florida area due to the warm climate. No matter which pest you’re dealing with, we’ll help you get rid of the infestation for good. Depending on the extent of the infestation, we can use one of the following bed bug or termite control methods:

  • Tent fumigation: We’ll pump pesticides into your home or office building to kill all life stages of the bed bugs or termites.
  • Liquid treatment: This type of pest control treatment kills termites and bed bugs instantly.
  • Baits or traps: By placing these around your home or office, we can entice bed bugs or termites out of the woodwork and spread an insecticide to the rest of the colony.

We can discuss which termite or bed bug treatment will be most effective at your home or office building. Contact Pestwise today to speak with an experienced exterminator.