Say Goodbye to Your Pest Problems in Parrish and Tampa, FL

Turn to us for affordable pest control services

Many large pest control companies only offer one-size-fits-all treatments. Pestwise, LLC, however, offers all kinds of pest control services at affordable rates. Whether you’re dealing with rodents, bed bugs, termites, bats, squirrels or raccoons, you can call us to remove these pests safely. We serve home and small business owners throughout the Parrish and Tampa, Florida area.

Ask us about our current pest control specials, including military and senior citizen discounts. Call 813-843-8881 today.

Need an insulation replacement? Call us.

Unlike other pest control companies in Parrish and Tampa, FL, we can do more than remove pests from your property. If mice, termites or bats have damaged your attic or crawl space insulation, we can replace it. Contact Pestwise today for a free estimate.

3 reasons to call Pestwise right away

Three years ago, two business partners founded Pestwise to bring affordable pest control services to home and small business owners in the Parrish and Tampa, Florida area. Since then, we've built our business on professionalism and quality workmanship.

Call us for pest control services today if:

  1. You've had no success with DIY termite or bed bug treatments. Our pest control services are effective and easy on the wallet. Visit our Pest & Termite Control page now to learn more.
  2. You have mice or rats in your crawl space. We can set rodent traps around your property. We can also install a vapor barrier to discourage mice and rats from entering your home or office building again.
  3. You've noticed bats flying out of your chimney. As part of our wildlife removal services, we can relocate the bats so they won't return to your attic to roost.

We have 12 years of pest control experience, so you can count on us to find the right solutions to your pest problems. Call Pestwise at 813-843-8881 today to make an appointment.

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